CBS Whines Security Guard ‘Misgendered’ a Violent Trans Shoplifter

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 18, 2023
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Hours after CBS Mornings elevated deceased violent shoplifter Banko Brown as a pillar of the San Francisco community for “helping black transgender youth,” CBS Evening News spent part of their Wednesday report whining that Walgreens security guard Michael Earl Wayne Anthony “misgendered” Brown, who was biologically female, when giving his statement to police.

Leading into the segment, anchor Norah O’Donnell touted the “Protests today in San Francisco following the district attorney's decision to not file charges in the shooting death of a suspected shoplifter by a Walgreens security guard.”

Much like correspondent Nancy Chen did in the morning, correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti gave a signal boost to the outrage at the decline to file murder charges over the facts of the incident.


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