CBS Touts Buttigieg on Potholes, Hid How Domino’s Stepped In to Fill Some

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 16, 2020
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On Wednesday, President-elect Joe Biden made his pick for Transportation secretary official by nominating former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to the position. Utterly downplaying his lack of qualifications for the job, CBS Evening News found humor in a Buttigieg quip about dealing with potholes as mayor. But what they refused to disclose was how the roads in his town got so terrible that the Domino’s Pizza chain had to step in and partially pay to have them filled in.

Political correspondent and Biden sentinel Ed O’Keefe was tickled but Buttigieg’s comments at the transition announcement about battling potholes as mayor:

O’KEEFE: A former primary rival of Mr. Biden, the 38-year-old is going to become the youngest member of the cabinet. And while Buttigieg has no professional experience in the transportation sector, he said:

BUTTIGIEG: I faced a constant battle with that natural enemy of all mayors, the pothole.

But in reality, Buttigieg and his administration did a very poor job, and a dubious one at that.


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