CBS Fails to Update False Claim U.S. Unable to Get More Pfizer Vaccine


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Two weeks ago, each of the three major broadcast networks ran with dubious reporting that claimed the United States was unable to obtain more of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, because President Trump didn’t order enough. Disregarding the fact there was no way to know which vaccine would get approval first, they all leaped at the opportunity to bash Trump. But on Tuesday, there was new reporting that said Trump and Pfizer were nearing a deal to secure around 100 million more doses in time for summer.

It was great news that went completely unreported by CBS Evening News, while ABC’s World News Tonight, and NBC Nightly News updated their reporting to reflect the development.

On December 7, CBS actually expanded the original New York Times reporting to suggest Trump didn’t buy enough of any COVID vaccine. “Because there are some reports out there that the White House could have purchased more doses of vaccine but didn't,” anchor Norah O’Donnell declared as she teed up White House correspondent Paula Reid.


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