CBS Doubles Down on Their ‘Speculation’ Russia Stole Hunter’s Emails


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During their Thursday evening newscast, CBS stepped into the breach to defend the Biden campaign from the bombshell New York Post reports documenting alleged corruption from the Biden family (an element of which has since been confirmed by Fox News). Then, during Sunday’s Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan peppered former National Security Agency boss Admiral Mike Rogers with a request to comment on what she admitted was “speculation” Russia had stolen Hunter Biden’s emails to dump.

Leading up to her admission that what she was peddling about the Biden scandal was baseless, Brennan primped the pump by asking Rogers to discuss Russian efforts to sway the 2020 election with misinformation and even manipulation of vote counts:

I want to get to your old line of work and your expertise on the intelligence front because we know U.S. intelligence says, right now, Russia is basically trying to manipulate the public, spread disinformation about the election specifically to hurt the Democratic candidate and some Kremlin-linked actors trying to boost the President. Can Russia, at this point, actually change the outcome of the election by altering votes? Do they have that capability?

After Rogers shot down her suggestion that Russia would be manipulating vote totals for Trump, he noted that Russia was still trying to manipulate voters’ emotions via social media to drive people apart. Brennan saw the opportunity and pounced.


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