Carville Blasts Media ‘Stupidity’ of Covering Hillary's E-Mail Scandal


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<p>Appearing on MSNBC early Wednesday afternoon, long-time Clinton adviser James Carville came out of the woodwork to condemn not only Republicans but the news media for their &ldquo;stupidity&rdquo; of harping on Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s e-mail scandal and refuted the notion that there&rsquo;s &ldquo;a full-scale Democratic freak-out&rdquo; underway.</p>

<p><em>Andrea Mitchell Reports</em> fill-in host Luke Russert didn&rsquo;t even get a question in before Carville was off and running, complaining about <strong>&ldquo;all of the foolishness going on&rdquo; </strong>with previous guest Chris Cillizza of <em>The Washington Post </em>writing about a <strong>&ldquo;a full-scale Democratic freak-out&rdquo; </strong>and being employed by Amazon&rsquo;s Jeff Bozos who&rsquo;s <strong>&ldquo;running that sweat shop out there in Seattle.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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