Biden Camp Thanks Media, NBC Claims Trump Could Dump Pence


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In a tweet following Joe Biden’s VP pick announcement Tuesday night, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield thanked the liberal media for their help. And during their Wednesday evening newscast, NBC Nightly News proved they were an arm of the Democratic campaign by floating a conspiracy theory that suggested President Trump was looking to boot Vice President Mike Pence off the Republican ticket, to make room for someone who could compete with Sen. Kamala Harris.

Shoutout to all of our beat reporters for surviving some of the most painful news cycles of any presidential campaign. Virtual high five to all of you. We did it, guys,” Bedingfield proclaimed with a celebratory emoji. It wasn’t exactly clear what she was thanking them for, but it’s probable it was praise for helping the campaign with the rollout and gaslighting the country on Harris’s radical policies.

NBC did some heavy lifting for the Biden campaign Wednesday when Kristen Welker floated the unfounded conspiracy theory. “Still, the Democrat's diverse ticket is fueling the question among some Republicans, is the President considering shaking up his own team,” she claimed, citing absolutely ZERO evidence.


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