Bernstein’s on Trump: Worse than Watergate to ‘Tyrant,’ to ‘Homicidal’ to ‘Mad King’ to ‘War Criminal’

Brent Baker | July 26, 2021
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Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein gained attention on Sunday for claiming on CNN that former President Trump is “our own American war criminal.” 

But his over the top invective against Trump is nothing new, as a quick trip through the CNN archive shows. In 2017, he declared of Trump’s decision to remove the FBI director, “this is a potentially more dangerous situation than Watergate.” In 2020, he was repeating his Watergate comparison as he charged Trump allies had “now joined hands with a tyrant.” Last fall, he described Trump’s response to COVID as “homicidal negligence” before declaring “we are witnessing the Mad King in the final days of his reign.”

The video features these highlights from Bernstein’s appearances on CNN to denounce Trump.

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