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Bee Expresses Hope that Dems Will Defeat 'Total Guys' Girl' Susan Collins and 'Kate Gosselin's Hair Burglar' Joni Ernst in 2020


On Wednesday's edition of Full Frontal, host Samantha Bee transformed into a full-blown Democratic strategist; giving the Democrats tips on how to take back control of the Senate. According to Bee, "flipping the Senate won't be easy but it isn't impossible. Democrats will have to defend all four of their current seats and pick up four more." Bee honed in on Maine as a desirable Democratic target, noting that "total guys' girl Susan Collins is up for re-election." Bee trashed Collins for her vote in favor of Brett Kavanaugh and other "anti-abortion judges" before expressing her hope that Maine's Democratic House Speaker will "kick Collins out of office, giving her more time to gaslight sexual assault victims face to face." After trashing Iowa Senator Joni Ernst as "Kate Gosselin's hair burglar" and mocking her as a "right-wing Iowan who carries a pistol in her purse and brags about castrating picks as a child," Bee hoped that Iowa would vote for a Democrat "who only has plans to castrate one big pig" as a picture of President Trump came up.  Bee closed by warning that if Democrats lose the Senate, the next Supreme Court justice "will probably just be a bible taped to a mop handle." 

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