Barr Rejects Holt’s Contention America Marred by Systemic Racism and Racist Police

Brent Baker | March 7, 2022
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NBC anchor Lester Holt repeatedly badgered former attorney general Bill Barr to acknowledge the U.S. is marred by systemic racism and racist police, but Barr rejected the premise. 

In an NBC News Special which aired Sunday night, Barr said Black Lives Matter was based on a “big lie” since it’s “based on the premise that the main threat to black welfare in the inner city are out of control police force that gratuitously kill African-Americans.” That prompted Holt to interject with how Barr was himself culpable for distrust of police in the black community: “In 1992...he wrote a memo called ‘The Case for More Incarceration.’ The kind of tough, lock ‘em up policy that’s been cited as a leading cause of destabilizing black communities.”

Holt pressed Barr: “By dismissing systematic racism, are you not dismissing the pain of African-American families?” Barr countered that “I don’t think that police are racist and, as a general matter.” At which point Holt jumped in: “You don’t see bias in police?” 

Holt proceeded to assert “black men are the subject of three times as many traffic stops by police.” To which Barr pointed out: “That sometimes is a function of where the police are. Police go where the crime is.”

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