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Attkisson, Kurtz Slam 'Hostile' Coverage of Trump: Journalists Must Maintain 'Normal Neutrality and Fairness and Ethical Standards'


On Sunday's edition of MediaBuzz, host Howard Kurtz sat down with Sharyl Attkisson, host of Sinclair's Full Measure.  Kurtz asked Attkisson: "in your view, has the overall mainstream media coverage of this President been not just negative but has it bled over into being hostile?" Attkisson replied to Kurtz's question in the affirmative: "it has." She argued that "we as journalists, regardless of how the subject of our reporting treats us, have an obligation to maintain our normal neutrality and fairness and ethical standards." According to Attkisson, "what's been different about this President and the way we've treated him is we have overtly suspended many of our normal ethical standards and practices because we have declared him to be uniquely dangerous and hostile to America." Attkisson delivered a message to her colleagues in the media, which they will more likely than not choose to ignore: "it is more important than ever when you're covering somebody that you don't like or don't agree with, to maintain your ethical standards. That's really the reasons, I think, that those exist."

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