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Alex Wagner Does Love Fest Interview With Hillary Clinton on 'The Circus'


During Sunday's edition of The Circus: Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth, co-host Alex Wagner gave a softball, love fest interview to former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  Heading into the interview, it seemed as if Wagner had a thrill going up her leg, to paraphrase one of her former colleagues, Chris Matthews: "Hillary Clinton is in town, we just got a call from her press person; who said she might have time for a few questions. When Hillary Clinton calls and says she has time to talk to you, you basically rush over to the other side of town to go talk to Hillary Clinton." When she actually got to talk to her hero, Wagner brought up how Clinton was a "staff attorney...during the Watergate investigation" as black and white photos of a younger Clinton appeared on the screen. After bringing up the Mueller probe, Wagner asked Clinton "are you worried about it when you look at the landscape?" Wagner then asked Clinton to weigh in on President Trump highlighting the historic number of women in Congress at the State of the Union. Clinton mentioned that the women were wearing white pantsuits at the State of the Union as a very excited Wagner described the fashion statement as a "trend" that "I feel like you sort of set the wheels in motion for."

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