After Liberal Questions Biden’s Fitness, CNN’s Harwood Lashes Out at ‘Right-Wing’ Media’

Brent Baker | June 20, 2022
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On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter brought up a new article in the liberal Atlantic magazine “saying Biden should not run for re-election. It’s not just Sean Hannity talking about Biden’s age, it’s The Atlantic magazine.” 

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood rejected any concerns about Biden’s current mental status and, though the concern came from a left-wing source, turned his ire on right-wing media: “What’s false is that he is not capable of doing the job right now or he’s not mentally in tune with the demands of the job. Anybody, any aide who engages with him or reporters, we can see this. The gears of his mind are working. That’s an issue pushed by right- wing media. But it’s not correct.” 

In The Atlantic article, “Why Biden Shouldn’t Run in 2024,” Mark Leibovich maintained that “people who have had regular contact with Biden describe him as engaged with the day-to-day aspects of his job and generally sharp on details,” but acknowledged “he will sometimes mangle sentences, blank on names, get tortured by teleprompters, lose his train of thought, or not make sense—which is not so abnormal for someone his age.”

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