ABC’s Muir Brags to 'The View': You Can Watch Fox or 'Come to the News'

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 19, 2022
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In a Wednesday appearance on his network’s radically liberal day-time show The View, ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir bragged about the shoddy work he and his team does and suggested that the public needed “journalists” like him to “cut through the noise for them.” And on the question of what should be done about Fox News Channel, Muir suggested the cable outlet was all opinion and viewers should “come to the news” instead, which was followed by him lauding President Biden’s “candor.”

Despite spreading misinformation about COVID-19 last week and spewing lies about Republicans the day before, co-host Joy Behar asked of Muir: “How do you cut through all the division? Can you even do that? And what do we do about a station like Fox, you know, that puts out incorrect information on a regular basis?

Muir’s response started out well enough by noting that Americans are “paying more at the grocery store, the gas pump” thus “these are real questions people want answered.” But it quickly turned into a way for him to boast about himself and his team and suggest the public couldn’t possibly figure out the truth themselves and needed it spoon-fed to them.