ABC’s Karl Concedes He Wrote Book to Scare Voters from Picking Trump

Brent Baker | November 20, 2023
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Jonathan Karl, ABC’s Chief Washington Correspondent, acknowledged on Thursday’s Late Show that he wrote his new book, Tired of Winning: Donald Trump and the End of the Grand Old Party, to try to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Asked why Trump leads the Republican nomination contest, Karl cited how “superficially” there’s “a sense” that things were better during the Trump presidency without war and with a good economy, so, he noted, “that’s why I wrote this book.”  He explained that “if people are going to go into this next election thinking about that, they also need to be thinking, not just about what Trump was, but what he is now and what he is proposing and planning to do, what a second Trump administration would look like. And I don’t think people have come to terms with that at all.”

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