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ABC Touts Germany’s Merkel Taking ‘High Road’ With Combative Trump


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While on his trip to the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday, President Trump wasted no time in slamming member counties for not paying enough for their self-defense. The president also targeted criticism at Germany for climbing in bed with Russia, the enemy of the alliance, to satiate its energy needs. Of course, the liberal media were shrieking like banshees and on ABC’s World News Tonight, they touted the German Chancellor for taking the “high road” with her response.

And we begin with President Trump on the attack,” announced sensationalist anchor David Muir at the start of the program. “The fight beginning at breakfast today, sitting across from America's most trusted allies at the NATO summit.” He then proceeded to take Trump quotes completely out of context, saying, “At one point today, the President asking, ‘What good is NATO?’ And saying Germany is ‘captive to Russia.’

As if it was something to be embarrassed about, chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran huffed about Trump confronting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about Germany’s energy commitments. “President Trump came here spoiling for a fight. And it began immediately with a tirade over breakfast with NATO's secretary general, aimed at one of America's closest allies,” he bemoaned.

Moran explained that “[t]he President [was] furious about a recent $12 billion gas pipeline deal Germany signed with the Kremlin.” Being a little snarky, he pointed out how Trump was causing other U.S. officials to “squirm” as “NATO's chief tried to defuse the moment.


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