ABC Takes Victory Lap After Smeared BP Agents Are Put on Desk Duty


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Border Patrol was already stretched dangerously thin but on Wednesday, ABC’s World News Tonight celebrated their job getting harder as multiple mounted agents were ordered to “administrative duties” after the rabid left and liberal media smeared them with lies about using “whips” on Haitian migrants.

As NewsBusters had documented all week, ABC anchor David Muir and correspondent Kenneth Moton were committed to parroting the ignorant White House talking point about how the images were “horrific.”

“This scene along the southern border tonight. Texas Governor Greg Abbott using state-owned vehicles to create what he's calling a ‘steel barrier,’ with the migrant crisis on the border. And there is news tonight involving some of those Border Patrol agents seen on horseback, confronting migrants,” Muir announced in his opening tease.


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