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ABC Spikes 'Dismal' 1.5% 2nd Quarter GDP, Instead Touts 'Giant Rally on Wall Street'


<p>CBS and NBC on Friday night aired full stories on the very weak 1.5
percent second quarter GDP rate, down from an anemic two percent in the
first quarter, yet –<strong> incredibly – ABC’s <em>World News</em>,
which had time to champion how First Lady Michelle Obama brought her
“Let’s Move” campaign to London where she “indulged in some Olympic
daydreaming,” didn’t consider </strong><strong>newsworthy the bad news for President
Obama.</strong><br />
<br />
Instead of relaying the bad news about Obama-nomics, fill-in <em>World News</em> anchor Josh Elliott trumpeted: <strong>“Now to your money and the giant rally on Wall Street.</strong>
The Dow up nearly 200 points, closing above the all important 13,000
mark. Something that hasn't happened in nearly three months.”

were then treated to a full report on the plight of Facebook’s stock
price: “But while the Dow spiked, one stock in particular, Facebook, was
in free fall, down nearly 12 percent, a new low. Today’s nose dive
another body blow to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg...”</p><p>Details in an <a href="…; target="_blank">MRC BiasAlert post</a>.</p>

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