ABC Spews Lies About GOP Targeting Biden’s ‘Black Voters’ With Reforms


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ABC News was obviously working as an arm of the Biden administration during Sunday’s Good Morning America, as they spewed lies and misinformation about Republican efforts to increase the integrity of our elections. Despite claiming the GOP were targeting “black voters who helped him win there in Georgia,” the network refused to explain exactly how the law and other proposed bills would do that. Instead, they used broad stroke fear-mongering in an attempt to poison the GOP to viewers.

President Biden is clearly fired up, upset about this new law in Georgia. His team and other critics say that black voters who helped him win there in Georgia, helped him get here to the White House are being targeted with this new law and would be impacted the very most,” announced White House correspondent MaryAlice Parks.

It’s worth noting that Parks had a big smile on her face when she talked about Biden’s Georgia win.


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