ABC Pushes Families of Rittenhouse’s 'Victims' to Sue Him in Civil Court

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 21, 2021
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Are they sore losers? Maybe, but either way, ABC spent part of Sunday’s Good Morning America hoping that the families of Kyle Rittenhouse’s so-called “victims” would sue him in civil court. This comes after the teen was found not guilty and that he justly used legal self-defense against multiple violent attackers who were rioting. Beyond that, the network also took to denouncing the entire justice system on This Week, during the following hour.

After reviewing the ongoing murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery with chief legal analyst Dan Abrams, co-anchor Whit Johnson lamented that Rittenhouse was “found not guilty on all charges in the shooting deaths of two men during a protest in Wisconsin.” He wondered, “But what happens next now,” and “could there be civil cases?

Abrams seemed hopeful that “there could be.”


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