ABC Props Up Biden Post-Arraignment While CBS Notes ‘Nervous Energy’

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 3, 2023
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Tuesday saw President Biden’s delinquent son Hunter arraigned once again on federal felony gun charges, a redo after a shady sweetheart plea deal with the Biden Justice Department fell through over the summer after the judge scrutinized it. Following the proceedings, ABC chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce appeared on their streaming news service to paint the Biden White House weathering the storm. Meanwhile, CBS News broke in to note that there was “nervous energy” from Hunter.

“Mary, the President hasn't said much about this case. How much of a political hurdle is this for the White House right now and for the President as he runs for reelection?” ABC News Live host Diane Macedo lamented.

As Biden’s chief apple polisher, Bruce opined that “they certainly are hoping that they can minimize how much of a political distraction this will be” and that the White House was not speaking publically about it. “Though we should say, the President doesn't have anything on his schedule. So, it is possible he is keeping an eye on what's happening there with his son,” she noted.


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