ABC Presses Sec. Yellen to Back Harebrained Dem Schemes for Debt Ceiling


***The full post can be read at NewsBusters***

With Congress’s debate on the debt ceiling pushed back to December 3, ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos invited Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen onto Sunday’s This Week in order to pressure her into going along with absurd schemes Democrats were cooking up to deal with the national debt. From a trillion-dollar coin to invoking an archaic part of the 14th Amendment, he wanted her onboard and in Biden’s ear.

Stephanopoulos began their conversation by declaring “we all dodged a bullet this week” after some Republicans went along with a temporary raise of the ceiling. “But Senator McConnell has warned President Biden that Republicans won't help next time on the debt limit,” he said. “What are the consequences if he keeps his word?”

A couple of minutes later, he was nudging her to get President Biden to go along with her preferred solution, which was eliminating the debt ceiling altogether.


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