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ABC, NBC Ignore Antifa Mob Assaulting Home of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson


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The same night the liberal broadcast networks ABC and NBC were acting as though Trump’s combative press conference on Wednesday as some kind of affront on the First Amendment, the Washington D.C. area home of Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson was under assault by a radical leftist mob shouting threats. During both their morning and evening broadcasts Thursday, ABC and NBC ignored the actual attack on someone’s free speech.

CBS Evening News was the only network broadcast program to mention the assault on Carlson’s home. Anchor Jeff Glor informed viewer via a news brief. “D.C. Police are investigating a group of demonstrators who targeted the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson last night. They shouted threats, van vandalized the property and posted video on social media. Carlson was at work. His wife was home alone,” he said.

But during Thursday’s Special Report on Fox News, they offered more information on what happened. “An angry mob did damage and made threats at the home of Tucker Carlson last night. Fortunately, no one was hurt there,” announced anchor Bret Baier.

“Police are investigating it as a possible hate crime, according to the Washington Metropolitan Police tonight. It points the growing problem of harassment and violence targeting public figures,” he added.


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