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ABC, NBC Cheer on ‘Republican Rebellion’ that ‘Embarrassed’ Trump, Rebuked National Emergency


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On Thursday, the liberal media finally found something they could cheer on Republicans for. Of course, it involved the 12 Senate Republicans who voted to pass a resolution rebuking President Trump’s national emergency declaration for the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Or, as ABC News and NBC News described it, the “Republican rebellion”.

In his introductory rambling for the story, during ABC’s World News Tonight, sensationalist anchor David Muir seemed to think dubbing it a “rebellion” was witty:

There's a developing headline from Capitol Hill tonight. The President, in fact, responding late today, with a one-word tweet to a key vote. A republic rebellion of sorts. They joined Democrats, voting to end the President's emergency declaration to build that border wall. His one word, “veto”.

ABC congressional correspondent Mary Bruce, who loves to elevate anti-Republican protestors, flipped her script and hyped those Republicans. “For President Trump, it's an embarrassing rejection. 12 Republicans joining Democrats to block Trump's emergency declaration to build his border wall,” she touted.

The idea of cheering on something that was “embarrassing” to former President Obama would never cross their minds or would be considered blasphemous. Back then, they called Republican concerns for executive overreach obstructionist and racist.


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