ABC, NBC Celebrate Philly DA Targeting Legal ‘Ghost Gun’ Makers

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 6, 2023
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With the broadcast networks ignoring the fact that the Philadelphia mass shooter was transgendered and a Black Lives Matter activist, their new narrative was to put focus on the weapons used: so-called “ghost guns.” Both ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today celebrated liberal Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner targeting two gun parts manufacturers (Polymer80 and JSD Supply) with laws suits, despite both companies selling a perfectly legal product.

“We also have information this morning out for Philadelphia and that mass shooting that left five people dead. We’re learning more now about the ghost guns use in the attack,” announced co-anchor Whit Johnson.

Correspondent Trevor Ault made it clear he was excited by the idea of the liberal D.A. suing the maker of legal gun parts.


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