ABC Gawks at Shoplifting Surge, Shocked Stores Closing Down

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 18, 2023
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It’s always interesting to watch the liberal media wake up and arrive on the scene surprised after many in the public had to bear witness to something terrible happening in their communities constantly. Such was the case on the Thursday edition of ABC’s Good Morning America where chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis and the rest of the cast gawked at national brands shutting down stores in major U.S. cities because of out-of-control shoplifting and theft happening across the county.

“Now to the rise of shoplifting. Target says that last year it lost hundreds of millions of dollars from theft,” co-anchor Robin Roberts announced with an air of surprise in her voice.

Jarvis confirmed that Target had lost hundreds of millions of dollars and was being forced to lock up many items within cases that needed employees to open.


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