ABC Defends Afghan Disaster, NBC Disappointed It’ll 'Haunt' Biden

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 15, 2021
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At any moment, Kabul would fall, the Taliban would return to running Afghanistan, and the victories in America’s 20-year-long war would be largely washed away. All of that was due to President Biden’s decision to hastily pull out of the country and leave civilians to be oppressed. Yet, on their Sunday morning newscast, ABC’s Good Morning America ran damage control for Biden by downplaying the idea there would be political blowback. And on NBC’s Sunday Today, they were lamented it would “haunt” Biden’s legacy.

ABC’s chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl touted Biden for going against the advice of his military advisors to co-anchor Dan Harris. “But Dan, this is something that Biden has seen over and over again. He has seen the military urge presidents to continue a presence in Afghanistan and he believes it is time to stop. It is time for the U.S. to get out,” he said.

Harris noted that the popularity of the war had plummeted as it dragged on for 20 years and wondered if that gave Biden some political protection. And Karl seemed to agree, saying: “Right now polls – and consistently really for the last several years, have shown the United States – voters in the United States, Republican and Democrat, have wanted a withdrawal from Afghanistan.”


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