ABC Covers for Biden on Court-Packing, Push Harris’s Abe Lincoln LIE


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To his own dismay, former Vice President Joe Biden made headlines Thursday when he echoed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) ObamaCare pitch and told voters they needed to elect him to find out his position on packing the Supreme Court with liberals. The comments made ABC chief White House correspondent Jon Karl proclaim “This doesn’t make any sense” on Twitter. But later that evening, senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce covered up Biden’s sleaziness.

While standing in an Arizona hanger and taking questions from the press, the media’s presidential nominee said: “You'll know my opinion on court-packing when the election’s over.” He went on to complain that if he was to give his position now, then that would be what all the headlines would be about.

One could reasonably assume that Biden knew his position was controversial and could cost him the election, and that’s why he was worried. But all of that was avoided on ABC’s World News Tonight.

“And as Republicans try to push Judge Amy Coney Barrett through the Senate confirmation process, Pence pressed Harris to say if a Biden administration would expand the Supreme Court,” Bruce noted of Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate.


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