ABC Claims GOP Against Police Reform, Ignored Tim Scott’s Bill Last Year


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In the wake of the jury in the Derek Chauvin murder trial finding him guilty on all three charges Tuesday, ABC’s World News Tonight wasted zero time kicking things into a disgustingly political gear by suggesting that Republicans were against the Floyd family and police reform just because a bill with George Floyd’s name on it had stalled.

But as NewsBusters documented last year, ABC (and the rest of the broadcast networks) ignored the GOP rollout of Senator Tim Scott’s (R-SC) Justice Act, the racist messages and death threats he received for it, and Senate Democrats shooting it down with the filibuster.

Just before smearing Senate Republicans on Tuesday, Vega primed the pump by first praising President Joe Biden for reaching out to the Floyd family. “He has said all along, David, that he believes George Floyd was murdered and that he died in the hands of brutality. And he said in that phone call today that this verdict was justice,” she said to anchor David Muir.

From there, she framed the situation in the Senate as Republicans standing in opposition to the wishes of the Floyd family.


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