ABC, CBS Skip July 4 Weekend Shootings, NBC Downplays NYC’s Shooter Releases


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Over the July 4th weekend, major U.S. cities saw some of their bloodiest weekends on record as Chicago had over 100 people shot, 18 killed and New York City was seeing shooting spike over 40 percent. But as the streets of liberal cities ran red, ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were completely uninterested in informing their viewers. And while NBC Nightly News acknowledged the crime wave, they praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and ignored how leftist policies contributed.

Instead of reporting on the violence, CBS fill-in anchor Major Garret gushed about how singer Bruce Springsteen’s daughter made it onto the U.S. Olympic Equestrian team. ABC came the closest to admitted there was gun violence in Chicago but missed the mark when anchor David Muir only talked about how a possible Las Vegas-style mass shooting plot was seemingly foiled by a hotel’s cleaning staff.

“And there is news tonight of an alleged shooting plot foiled from a 12th floor Chicago hotel room. Police allegedly finding weapons and ammunition in that room on the Fourth of July, overlooking crowds. Authorities crediting a hotel housekeeper with leading them to the suspect who is now under arrest,” Muir reported in a news brief.

Meanwhile, on NBC, fill-in anchor Kate Snow lauded Cuomo for his declaration that “New York is now the first state to declare gun violence a disaster emergency.”


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