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ABC Anchor: If Trump Sides With NRA We Won’t Get ‘Background Checks’ for Guns


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Following a Sunday Good Morning America segment praising Democratic 2020 hopefuls for calling a stringent gun control measures, ABC chief anchor and Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos took a swipe at President Trump for talking with the NRA. He then seemed to suggest the United States didn’t have background checks on firearm purchases.

Normally, the liberal talking point was to call for so-called “universal background checks” (even though gun sales already required a background check). Instead, Stephanopoulos seemed to suggest background checks weren’t required and the National Rifle Association opposed implementing them:

It's a fantasy to believe that the NRA is going to sign on to background checks. So, the President is going to have to choose, he could be for background checks, before the overwhelming majority of American voters who say they're for them as well and cut the NRA loose. If he sticks with the NRA we're not going to get background checks.

“The President is going to have to choose,” Stephanopoulos chided. “After past shootings, he's come out for background checks and then backed away from it. Most notably after Parkland.”


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