50+2: Lemon Doesn't Understand Senate Majority, 'Minority Ruling' Us

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 14, 2022
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Former President Trump once called CNN’s Don Lemon “the dumbest man on television.” And on Thursday night he once again proved it by showing how he doesn’t understand what constitutes a majority of the Senate. Lashing out at Senate Republicans and Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV), he suggested the refusal to blow up the filibuster was the “minority ruling the majority.”

Just to quickly go over the math:  50 + 2 = 52 and 52 out of 100 is a majority.

“GOP won't protect the vote. Two members of his own party won't carve out the filibuster to make it happen,” Lemon decried in his opening screed. “This is what you call -- I mean it's flat out it's a minority ruling the majority. That's what it is.


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