MSNBC has fully immersed itself into the Democratic Party, and made no attempt to hide it. During Thursday’s All In, fill in host Ali Velshi explicitly pitched DNC talking points about race and mail-in voting to Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). Read the full story here. 
In case it wasn’t already obvious, MSNBC treats anything that comes out of a leftist’s mouth as an indisputable fact. On Wednesday’s Last Word, radical host Lawrence O’Donnell compared the United States Postmaster General’s job to Vladimir Putin interfering in U.S. elections. Yes, America can send people to space, but the person running snail mail is the alpha and omega. Read the full story here.
At this point in the 2020 presidential race, MSNBC has become completely delusional about the candidacy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. On Wednesday night’s Last Word, leftist host Lawrence O’Donnell lied to his viewers by asserting that the first joint appearance of Biden and Harris contained no lies. Read the full story here. 
Tuesday night, MSNBC put all their cards in for the “moderate” Biden-Harris Democratic ticket and on The Rachel Maddow Show, failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) and Maddow flaunted Harris. Unsurprisingly, Maddow refused to press the far-left major on the recent riots that have brought widespread destruction to her city. Read the full story here. 
Following Joe Biden’s selection of left-wing California Senator Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate, on Tuesday night’s All In, MSNBC fill-in host Ali Velshi laughably hailed the “moderate ticket.” Desperate to deliver Democratic Party talking points, he claimed the pair was immune from criticism. Read the full story here. 
There’s media bias and then there’s agenda-setting propaganda designed to crush opposition. That’s what MSNBC has become. On Sunday morning’s AM Joy, guest host, and the Clinton campaign’s Director of Progressive Media, interviewed her former boss Hillary Clinton. Read the full story here. 
On Saturday evening’s Politics Nation, Biden-backing MSNBC host Al Sharpton railed against President Trump by insisting that he fears women and minorities. Unsurprisingly, the egregious claims about Trump were all to prop up Joe Biden’s campaign. Read the full story here. 
Joe Biden’s Wednesday appearance on the National Association of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists (NABJ-NAHJ) Virtual Convention made headlines for his racially charged comments, but there were many moments worth uncovering that the mainstream media didn’t shed light on. Four liberal journalists interviewed Biden, and revealed the presumptive Democratic nominee’s true radical beliefs on…
The Biden-backing media have been dumbfounded for weeks with the presidential campaign of rap star Kayne West, and by their twisted logic, the rational move was to blame it on Republicans.  On Wednesday night’s All In, MSNBC host Chris Hayes, alongside other leftist hacks, accused Republicans of propping up West’s campaign. Read the full story here. 
Filling in on Monday’s Last Word, pro-open borders MSNBCer Ali Velshi lobbied viewers to watch the new far-left Netflix documentary, Immigration Nation, in an effort to slam President Trump and his immigration policies. Read the full story here.