The hype train for Kamala Harris has officially left the station since Joe Biden named her as his vice presidential running mate on Tuesday, and the media is tripping all over themselves with praise and drool to get a seat close to the action. MSNBC fell victim to this once again during a Wednesday afternoon segment of MSNBC Live. Fill-in host Chris Jansing set up the segment with a gushing comment of her own: "I don't know many women's phones who weren't blowing up after yesterday." 

The mainstream media is a walking contradiction. Their bias aside, they will say one thing yet act in a completely different way, even live on air during the same program. Morning Joe displayed this tendency to flip-flop during the Wednesday segment, talking about Joe Biden’s VP pick of Kamala Harris. Co-host Joe Scarborough brings on Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and sets him up to fawn over Harris with his question, “Reverend Al, what's your take on Kamala's selection? What does it mean in 2020, especially at this time?”

At the end of MSNBC's Morning Joe on Monday, the Democratic Party apologists conducted a friendly chat with disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill. To refresh your memory, Representative Hill had to resign over leaked photos detailing her affair with a staffer. But you wouldn’t know that from the interview, where Brzezinski tap danced around any hint of impropriety on Hill’s part:

Nobody would blame you for pondering this over the last few years, but especially as of late: Where’s the pressure on Democrats to do anything? Day in and day out, it seems as though all the media want to do is shame Republicans into accepting their demands, no matter the issue or the rhetoric they end up resorting to.  So on Monday, a Morning Joe segment certainly didn’t break that mode with MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough saying his former party has been "just making stuff up,” which then made life easy for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to blame Republicans for their refusal to compromise (read: accept what Democrats want).

The media will always demonize any Republican they dislike and disagree with, and will go to any lengths to do so. But even for the hateful MSNBC, this is vile and dangerous. Case in point, Monday’s Morning Joe incited hate against Stephen Miller and make some truly incredulous claims to do so. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski brought on author Jean Guerrero to trash Miller, setting up her book and then starting right in on him:

The hackish hosts at MSNBC have become experts at beating a dead horse. The horse on deck Friday was the Trump-Russia hoax that has been repeatedly pushed by the media for almost four years but that anchor Nicolle Wallace can never seem to let go. 

On Friday, MSNBC continued dismissing Joe Biden's racial controversies before they can damage him. On her noon ET hour show, the Democratic Party's favorite "news" anchor Andrea Mitchell interviewed Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and treated the possible Biden vice presidential contender to a softball question about the presumptive Democratic nominee's offensive remarks: 

Finally, someone on MSNBC figured out how to ask a Democrat a hard question. During a Friday morning interview with Nancy Pelosi, fill-in host Kristen Welker took the long-awaited opportunity to grill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over coronavirus relief legislation that has been stalled in Congress.

It must be nice to be a Democrat in today’s politics, knowing that every single stupid thing you say will be conveniently bulldozed over by your leftist media allies before it can hurt you, while the comments of your opponents will be blown up to magnificent proportions. Joe Biden was the latest Democrat to receive this service from the compliant press on Friday, as MSNBC's Morning Joe immediately deflected criticism of the 2020 candidate by attacking President Trump instead.  

Desperate to resurrect the vice presidential prospects of Michigan's far-left Governor Gretchen Whitmer, on Thursday afternoon, MSNBC host and DNC puppet Katy Tur cheered the Democrat's latest partisan stunt: "Michigan took a unique step towards combating racism. The state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, signed an executive order declaring racism a public health crisis."