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CNN New Day co-host Chris Cuomo got his own thrill up his leg during his trip to the liberal Disneyland known as the DNC this week. During the morning coverage on Thursday’s program, Cuomo could barely hold his excitement over the President’s comments regarding GOP nominee Donald Trump.

In an interview with former presidential candidate and Trump endorser Dr. Ben Carson, CNN's New Day co-host Chris Cuomo repeatedly tried to corner Dr. Carson with his line of questioning in order to get Carson to backtrack on his RNC speech in which he linked Hillary Clinton to Lucifer. Carson made the link by discussing the long friendship between Clinton and Fabian-Socialist Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book to Lucifer.

In the midst of the RNC convention, CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo became unhinged during an interview with three conservative commentators as he pounced on the current GOP reluctance to discuss Melania Trump’s blatant plagiarism of a speech Michelle Obama gave to the DNC in 2008. During the interview Cuomo also interjected how the Republicans continued to bring up Hillary Clinton’s email servers, stating that "You’re banging on the e-mail situation not because classified information got sent, because it didn't in any real way and we all know that, but it's about lying. How is that not communicated by this situation?"

What's up with CBS? In this piece, CBS reporter Mareya Villarreal painted a rather rosy picture of what would come if pot were legalized in the state of California, and it's possible benefits to the state and country as a whole. Opinions of legalized pot aside, shouldn't the report have mentioned the negatives as well in order to balance out the story? Nope! The three minute long piece only mentioned one criticism of the legalization initiative. CBS has a history of swinging both ways on pot, giving either strong pro or strong anti pot positions, and this is another example of a huge swing in a pro-pot direction without any significant negative criticism.

Not even a week after the Dallas terrorist attack, the liberal media has focused once again to give their attention to Black Lives Matter protestors as they continue to spark and instigate actions from the police and interrupt traffic and everyday life around the country with their "activism." In this clip from CBS This Morning, the report tried to paint the activist as victims of circumstances and the police as the ones instigating the madness.

In a interview with New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, the cast of CBS seemed wowed and astonished over Canadian families sponsoing Syrian refugees in Toronto as compared to Americans, who as Kantor put it are at "a time of closing and protection and fear all over the world." The segment finished off with Charlie Rose throwing in the last word saying it's a "a good idea to welcome them."

During an interview with Chaos Monkeys author Antonio Martinez, the strange, psychedelic interview somehow went from discussing life in Silicon Valley to an even stranger discussion on how, as Martinez put it, capitalism and communism are essentially the same. Part of the segment included mention of Martinez's public comparison of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to "Fidel Castro", which led to CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King asking "is that a compliment?" Some things you need to see for yourself to believe, and this is one of them.

CBS This Morning brought on comedian Tony Shalhoub to discuss his new show "Braindead", about a Republican senator who has alien insects eating away at his brain, causing the lifelong politician to become a hardcore conservative. During the segment, the hosts of the show couldn't help themselves as they alluded the fact they felt that real life Republicans suffer from the same affliction as the ones on the show, along with poking fun at how Shalhoub's character mirrors that of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Recent statements by Pope Francis caused the cast of CBS This Morning to fawn over how the Pope's appeasal and "tone" towards the LGBT community was able to not only put a crack in the Catholic and Christian community as a whole, but also push the liberal media's agenda of placing the LGBT and "equal rights" above Christian and religous freedom. While CBS is quick to praise the Pope as he bends Catholic messaging to fit their worldview, they are almost quicker to attack Christians who stand by their religous beliefs and practices.

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During an interview with the cast of CBS This Morning, Bernie Sanders got a fiery reaction from the cast as they pestered him for not dropping out and endorsing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The treatment Sanders received during the interview showed that the media (or at least these hosts) are tired of Sanders, and now want the liberal base to gather around in support of Clinton as the general election rears its ugly mug.