With the American Conservative Union's initial invitation to have Milo Yiannopoulos keynote their annual CPAC conference, the conservative world at large was officially introduced to a dangerous ideology. In the name of identity politics, the conservative world embraced a narcissistic firebrand with values seemingly antithetical to the ideology so many on the Right claim to hold near and dear.

Milo has a penchant love for chaos. By saying almost anything to garner a reaction, Yiannopoulos leaves no sacred cows undisturbed. He has aligned himself with the Alt-Right and, arguably, even anti-Semites (the debate on the relationship between the two can be held another time).

And it is this no-holds-barred mentality that has given Yiannopoulos his popularity.

Much has been said of Milo's personality and character, but that is not the aim of this piece. Instead of treating popularity as the main vehicle for credibility and acceptance, the beliefs and practices of conservatism should be the driving forces of those who speak on behalf of this ideology.


A Pennsylvania police officer is in the midst of suing a local Wal-Mart after reportedly being fired for carrying an officially-issued weapon while on-duty.

Michael Zuby worked at the Wal-Mart, when off-duty from the police force, as a security guard - so the news that he had been fired because he carried his weapon, while in official uniform and on-duty, came as a shock.

The Wal-Mart store's official policy states that employees are "never allowed to carry a gun while on the property," which makes Zuby's case all the more interesting.

WREG News reports that "Zuby explained he was required by law to carry the gun while on-duty as an officer. According to the lawsuit, store managers told the police department not to send Zuby to the store if police were called. The police chief refused the request."

Zuby's lawsuit is still ongoing.

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The perpetrator of an attack upon an Arizona state trooper two weeks ago was revealed to be a former Mexican police officer traveling in the United States illegally officials report.

Leonard Pennelas-Escobar, 37-years old, reportedly shot Arizona State Trooper Edward Andersson twice after Pennelas-Escobar's vehicle flipped on Interstate 10.

According to ABC News, Andersson "had stopped on the interstate and set up flares in a bid to get motorists to slow down." It was during this time that Pennelas-Escobar shot and began to physically attack Andersson.

A witness to the attack then retrieved a handgun and proceeded to shoot Pennalas-Escobar two times before firing a third fatal shot after Pennelas-Escobar resumed attacking Andersson.

Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead said that, while Pennelas-Escobar had no prior criminal history, he was in the country illegally and was a drug user.

Pennelas-Escobar's 23-year old girlfriend Vanessa Monique Lopez-Ruiz was injured in the accident, and later succumbed to the injuries at a local hospital.

Andersson was released from the hospital after receiving surgery to remove the projectiles.[intermarkets_ad]

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A Kurdish man has become the public face of the insurgency against ISIS due to his uncharacteristic methods.

Ako Abdulrahman, a Peshmerga fighter, came up with a plan from a recent purchase to help individuals escape the gun-battles and sniper fire of ISIS; using a recently purchased BMW, he would run people from the front lines to safety.

A seemingly simple plan became legendary for one specific reason: the BMW Abdulrahman purchased from auction for $10,000 was completely bulletproof.

Mohammed Tawfeeq of CNN writes, "He drove the armored BMW through [Kirkuk], returning again and again to collect the injured, as ISIS gunmen peppered the vehicle with bullets.

Speaking of the diversity of the more than 70 people he rescued from the front lines, Abdulrahman said, "In my car, I carried Sunni, Shiite, Kurds, Turkmen and Christians. I felt like I am truly Iraq and this is who everyone should be."

Rather than accept a new vehicle from BMW, Abdulrahman says that he is going to repair the same BMW that helped rescue dozens upon dozens from the hands of ISIS.

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An Upper Peninsula Michigan man was recently arrested after allegedly breaking into a home, robbing it, and failing to elude police.

20-year old Jacob Roemer was charged with three felony counts after breaking into a home in Negaunee Township, MI.

ABC10 reports that, after being confronted by the homeowner, Roemer "fled into the woods on foot." He would be found unconscious by a K-9 unit.

The police say that Roemer was rendered unconscious by running into a tree.

While no video was captured of the incident, such an episode would look something like this.



Roemer is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 22nd.

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The United Nation's Committee on the Rights of the Child has demanded Saudi Arabia end its policy of amputating, flogging, stoning, and executing children and minors according to an Independent report.

Unlike most Western countries where age 18 is the legal limit for increased punishments, barring exemptions, Saudi Arabia allows children as young as 15 to be on the receiving end of increased punishments. The Committee on the Rights of the Child describes the legal process in such situations as "trials falling short of guarantees of due process and a fair trial."

Including in the report are the abuses of young girls and minorities at the hand of the government and other male figureheads. Per the Independent report, the Saudi government "still does not recognize girls as full subjects of rights and continues to severely discriminate (against) them in law and practice and to impose on them a system of male guardianship."

In the same right, minorities experience little legal protection and are subject to harsh penalties and punishments. The Sunni country is notable for their persecution of Shi'ite, Christians, and other religious minorities. In January 2016, four out of 47 Shi'ite minorities executed for "security offenses" were minors.


A potential bombing threat in Germany was thwarted after three Syrian refugees captured the alleged suspect before police officially detained him. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, 22-year old Syrian refugee Jaber Albakr was suspected of working with Islamic extremists to detonate an explosive device at a Berlin airport.

After escaping authorities at his apartment in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, Albakr was ultimately apprehended by three fellow refugees in Leipzig, approximately 50 miles from Chemnitz. The Providence Journal reports that the three refugees had arrived in Germany with Albakr in 2015 seeking asylum. 

German authorities found the same type of explosive used during the attacks on Paris and Brussels, TATP, in Albakr's apartment during the initial raid. The Providence Journal writes, "The explosives were destroyed Saturday in a controlled detonation by bomb squad experts in a pit dug outside the five-story apartment building because they were considered too dangerous to transport." [intermarkets_ad]

Wednesday, two days after being apprehended and handed-over to authorities, Albakr killed himself in his cell in a Saxony detention center. He hung himself using his shirt, German officials say Albakr had not been deemed a suicide risk.


19th Century cannonballs were discovered on a South Carolina shore in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Matthew earlier in October.

The Associated Press reports that the Charleston County Sheriff's Office bomb squad was sent to Folly Beach, approximately six miles from both downtown Charleston and Fort Sumter, to ensure the cannonballs were safe from any explosive materials.

Some of the explosives were removed for destruction - but others were detonated where they were found.


After serving for four years in the U.S. Army, a Maryland veteran has been denied eligibility to play Division I basketball by the NCAA via an unusual ruling.

Isaiah Brock graduated from Forest Park High School in Baltimore in 2011, and like many his age, he skipped attending any college or university prior to joining the armed services.

In his case, Brock joined the U.S. Army's 54th Quartermaster Mortuary Affairs Company in early 2012, where he was quickly deployed to the Afghanistan and, later, Kuwait. His company's main job was to retrieve the bodies of fallen U.S. soldiers from combat zones, process their wounds, and then ship the bodies back home where they could be put to rest by their families.

CBS Sports reports that Brock played an instrumental role in retrieving and returning close to three dozen fallen soldiers.

In August 2015 during the Hardwood Classic, while still stationed in Kuwait, Brock also met multiple college basketball coaches. (The Hardwood Classic is "an event put on by the Troops First Foundation at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait that connects soldiers with basketball coaches and culminates with a tournament.") Brock impressed coaches to the point that one of them, Oakland University's Head Coach Greg Kampe, offered to help him enroll and earn his college degree after being discharged.


If you had to pay a dealership money in order to get rid of a car, would you do so?

Doug DeMuro, a car reviewer on YouTube, asks that question when he reviews a 2003 Kia Spectra compared to his Aston Martin.

As DeMuro explains, according to an Edmunds report, his cameraman Filippo would have to pay a dealership $39 to get rid of the car. The Spectra is beat up with dents, scratches, and parts missing, but that, DeMuro demonstrates, is part of the charm with this vehicle. Unlike his own Aston Martin or any other luxury vehicle, the Spectra does not need to be looked after or taken great care of.

He demonstrates how the car can be hit with shopping carts or light poles, and yet it does not faze him. It is this lack of worry and peace of mind that make the Spectra, in DeMuro's words, "the best car I've ever reviewed." [intermarkets_ad]

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