CBS's "2 Broke Girls" will feature the British journalist in the US tonight.
Alan finds a new girlfriend - and she's a moocher, just like him!
A self-made entrepreneur calls helping others, religion, and love "illusions" compared to the drive to success.
Lady Olenna Tyrell defends her grandson's homosexual exploits while arranging a marriage match
A crime scene and a shoot-out, from the eyes of a reporter traveling with Five-0
Max articulates a horse's wish: "That one day, he and I live in a world where love is recognized and we have the same rights as gay couples."
Hollywood's crass sexual humor at it's...finest?
Classic How I Met Your Mother - the worst bachelor party is the best night of Barney Stinson's life!
When the court counts the votes in a suspicious ballot box, the plaintiff becomes the defendant and the defendant becomes the plaintiff - great humor