Dr. Max Goodwin is trying to save a Lenape Native American patient. But the professor refuses treatment for a dangerous blood clot that could kill her unless Max “can make up for 400 years of crimes against Native Americans.”

When it comes to love and sex anything goes on NBC’s New Amsterdam. 

NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam concocted a plot that slammed critics of rioting and violence that has broken out at racial injustice protests and gun owners at the same time — as racist. 

The latest episode, Disconnected, portrayed a middle-aged white couple as racists who “panic buy” a gun to protect themselves from “Black Lives Matter” protesters. Worse, when their daughter accidentally shoots herself the father lies and claims it was a “drive-by.”

Dr. Goodwin announces that New Amsterdam will ignore the gay "blood ban," because the regulation is "hate."

New Amsterdam's Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Bloom disagree about an HIV-positive, Mormon patient. 

New Amsterdam’s Medical Director Max Goodwin is always on a mission. In the latest episode, the liberal doctor is newly woke and determined to end “systemic racism” at the hospital. 

He accepts the idea that white men are the problem (himself included). So one of the actions he takes is to trash an entire wall of photographs of white, male doctors, a marble bust and other items. As he goes, he denounces them as racists, sexists, misogynists or homophobes.

The police are “just a different kind of unsafe” than violent patients according to “New Amsterdam.” Although that anti-cop line came from nurse Casey Acosta, he was not the only nurse at New Amsterdam disturbed by the idea of police guarding their ER.

All season Devils has pushed liberal narratives about how corrupt, immoral and evil investment bankers are. In the final episode, it embraced another liberal narrative of celebrating a central bank bailout.

Investment bank CEO Dominic Morgan (played perfectly by Patrick Dempsey) is the central villain of the show. Although his fraud, corruption and scheming unfolded over the course of the season, by its end it was stated outright that Morgan’s goal was to destroy the Euro to devalue the euro to keep the dollar strong.

With only two remaining episodes, the financial conspiracy of Devils will soon be revealed. In the meantime, the show continues to blame investment bankers for ruining ordinary people and causing suffering and death.

The latest episode also portrayed the 2011 Italian debt crisis as the fault of corruption and trickery by banks, rather than bad governance, overspending and other economic problems.

These days a thriller about a global financial conspiracy is practically guaranteed to be permeated by liberal, anti-capitalist attitudes. Devils is no exception.