kpicket | March 9, 2009
David Frum appeared on Hardball this evening and agreed with Chris Matthews claim that Rush Limbaugh has 'race problems.'
kpicket | January 26, 2009
During a segment about the stimulus package, CNN's Lou Dobbs lashed out at Media Matters for attacking a fellow CNN colleague's report.
kpicket | January 25, 2009
After winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor in the film "Milk", Sean Penn Accepted the award by saying the following, "Thankyou and good evening, comrades. That was for O'Reilly"
kpicket | January 16, 2009
After evading a question on the fairness doctrine from Senator Specter, Eric Holder was confronted by his own liberal views of media fairness through questioning by Senator Sessions.
kpicket | January 11, 2009
Laura Dern won a Golden Globe for her performance in "Recount" and told the audience to look forward to change in the country.
kpicket | January 9, 2009
At a press briefing today, President-elect Obama spoke about how he would like to work with Hillary Clinton to recruit young people to the State Department to do civil service work.
kpicket | January 9, 2009
After officially announcing Leon Panetta as his CIA director, Presidetn-elect Barack Obama discussed his interrogation policies and how his administration will view Iran.
kpicket | January 8, 2009
Sarah Silverman and "John Adams" director, Tom Hooper took parting zingers at President Bush at the Critics' Choice Awards.
kpicket | January 8, 2009
At the Critics Choice Awards in Hollywood tonight Richard Gere made parting shots at the Bush administration.
kpicket | January 6, 2009
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow complained the Obama's could not stay at Blair House due to a scheduling conflict at lack of vacancies. Instead, the Obamas will be at a fancy Washington, DC hotel until after inauguration.