The federal government gave $500 million to Solyndra after President Obama visited the company last year. The company has now filed for bankruptcy.
With cash strapped towns and states, prosecutors aren't going for the death penalty due to the high cost of trial, the appeal process, and the length it takes to put a person to death.
The park said for safety reasons all headgear, religious or not, must be removed while on the rides.
A paraphrased quote appears on the MLK memorial, however, some say this quote is taken out of context and want it replaced with the actual quote.
NBC News look at whether the reliance of autopilot in the cockpit is making pilots rusty when they forced to fly manually.
For legal and contractional reasons, the company behind the prize said it can not award the prize since the twin boys switched places. The company did offer to give away $20,000 to charity.
The impact of Hurricane Irene on small businesses as the summer season comes to an end.
General David Petreaus retires to become the next direction of the CIA
A student pilot and his instructor were flying over the student's house when they noticed men taking items from the home. The student called the police from the air and gave the cops turn-by-turn directions of where the robbers were driving.
CEO Russell Girling says the pipeline is necessary for the United States to receive reliable oil and the pipeline benefits both nations.