Outlining how our Managed Services, virtualized our internal and customer-facing systems using VMware. It walks through why we did it, how we chose the technology and points out some things to consider when virtualizing, along with the benefits we gained. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4oi5mTqweM
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These are some of the products I've used to control breakouts for dry skin types. The first is a Clinique Skin Renewer, second is Dr. Hauschka face oil and a MAC Sculpt Foundation. Many people think they have oily skin, but if you leave your skin dry it will produce more oil. At first I thought I had dry skin, but it was actually because my skin was too dry. lovadryskinz. http://www.…
The Cheese Boutique outgrew its historic storefront, preventing them from expanding. They faced the risk of losing long time customers and their well known walk by location in the hope of growing their business. The family business made the bold decision to move to a new location, and change the way they do business. http://www.moneris.com/ uploaded by 2joejohnson
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