David Hill, host of the Make-A-Statement and the Patriot's Pipeline Radio Shows talks to the crowd at the Jefferson Texas Tea Party on September 12th 2009.

Della gives her take on the problems we face today.

Joe the Mechanic talks to us about some of the problems in our government.

Larry Kilgore, Candidate for Texas Governor talks about the benefits of an Independent Texas.

Talk Show Host David A Hill talks about his decision to support secession and the events that led him there.

Lance McWhorter, Texas Nationalist Movement Region 7 Director talks about the benefits of an Independent Texas.

Melissa talks about the benefits of an Independent Texas. Melissa is running for Texas House Dist. 4

Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement presents a powerful argument for Texas Secession during the Sovereignty or Secession Rally on the capitol steps in Austin Texas.

Texas House of Representatives Dist. 4 candidate Melissa Pehle-Hill tells it like it is in true Texas style. Her speech details some of the infringements on our Constitutional Rights our Federal Government is forcing on us. She also talks about the natural born citizen requirement to become the President of the United States. We have only two options: Socialism or Secession. mphill2010.com

David Hill reads the story of the 56 signers to the Athens Independence Day Tea Party in Athens Texas July 4th 2009.