Did you know there is a shadow presidential campaign under the radar? To find out what the candidates saying, tune in!

How many illegal aliens are registered to vote? We take a look. Plus four months ago, Mackenzie Maddox paid the ultimate price for open borders. Now her mom unloads on the lowlife that killed her.

We follow up on illegal aliens and subprime mortgages. This week, an issue of fairness! Plus California asks for a $7 billion bailout. Where did the money go?

Our weekly vlog/podcast on illegal immigration and border security. In this week's edition: Illegal immigration and the financial bailouts.

Lake County, Ill., cut its murder rate in half by utilizing the 287(g) protocol that lets federal immigration agents work with localities. But some Kansas politicians are happy to have illegal aliens killing their citizens.

In this week's edition: Taxpayer-funded Latino-only health care? We take a look. Also, is illegal immigration the one true bipartisan issue?

Election 2008: What is Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin's position on illegal immigration, amnesty and border security, and does it matter? Answers aren't easy to find.

Is the identity theft associated with illegal aliens really a "victimless crime?" Certainly not to the victims. Plus Los Angeles slides further into the abyss.

You do The math: Do employers know they're hiring illegals? Blogs 4 Borders investigates! Plus MJ responds to a charge of ... sexism?

Who is committing the lion's share of hate crimes in Los Angeles? Watch and learn. Plus the ladies of "You Don't Speak For Me," well ... speak!