John McCain, Tom Manion, Jane Swift, Tom Corbett, Paul Clymer, Linda Lingle, Arlen Specter and Lindsey Graham rallied for victory in Perkasie, Pa., on Nov. 1.
Sebastian of Snowflakes in Hell offers some thoughts on how well the Second Amendment Blog Bash in Louisville went, and talks about what NRA and bloggers hopefully got out of it.
David Keene, the National Rifle Association's second vice president, talks about how a wing of the Democratic Party is trying to bring an explicitly anti-gun position back to the table.
Darren LaSorte, a blogger for the National Rifle Association and its manager of hunting policy, criticizes the recent listing of the polar bear as a "threatened species."
Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and the blogger at Gun Talk, responds to a press conference at the state police range calling for more gun control through "microstamping" legislation.
Cam Edwards, the host of NRA News, discusses the aftermath of the death of a police officer in Philadelphia. The media and politicians demand more gun control while ignoring 26 pages of rap sheets for the perpetrators.