Sex Education

How Young is Too Young for Sex-Ed?

  • MRCTVone
  • September. 10. 2013
Recently the Chicago public school system mandated that kindergartners be instructed in sexual education.  MRCTV took to the streets to find out if people thought that Kindergarten was an appropriate...

'The View' Tackles Sex Ed

  • Colleen
  • February. 18. 2009
Whoopi Goldberg on sex ed: "I want the kids to have the information. If Bozo the Clown is going to give them the information, that keeps them one step beyond getting pregnant, I’d rather have Bozo do...

The Naked Truth About CBS and Teen Sex

  • Colleen
  • January. 16. 2009
CBS shows its hypocrisy on The Early Show when cohost Harry Smith condemns teens sending naked photos via tex, yet touts a mostly naked Jennifer Aniston photo, dismissing the soft-core pornography because...

CBS hosts pro-abstinence relationship expert

  • Colleen
  • January. 14. 2009
The CBS Early Show hosted Patti Stanger, author and relationship expert, to talk about her new book and her tips for helping women find Mr. Right. She supports abstinence for women because women "bond...

Sex Book For Children

American Life League exposes the contents of a book endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Recently, a prison rejected a fundraising letter that included censored images from the book for being "sexually explicit"...

Life Matters TV: Video Proof Of Life In The Womb

  • LmTVGuy
  • April. 26. 2007
Jim Sedlak of American Life League and STOPP International shows a video of a baby developing in the womb with four-dimensional ultrasound and discusses Planned Parenthood's tactics to infiltrate schools,...