Oregon Public School Might Fly BLM-Rainbow Flag As Official Policy

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 28, 2021
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If anyone needs another example of how unmanageable government-run schools are, to see the coercive and immoral problem of forcing others to pay for the education of people, a new revelation out of Oregon might fit the ever-increasing bill.

M. Dowling reports for the Independent Sentinel:

A local school board in Oregon will attempt to mandate that every classroom have both a BLM flag (or poster) and a ‘Progressive Pride’ flag (or poster) to accompany the US flag.

Which undoubtedly will inspire a lot of kids to reject the imposition of even more ideology from their self-appointed overlords at the schools, because that’s what kids often do, thank goodness.

Dowling notes:

On May 6, the Gresham-Barlow School Board in Gresham, Oregon, updated the district’s ‘Flag Displays and Salutes’ policy to reflect the progressive values of the board. The proposal would require the school board to provide an American flag, pride flag, and BLM flag for each classroom.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on how Karl Marx’s Tenth Plank of the Communist Manifesto – which was his call for government run, mandatory, “schools” -- has come full circle, whereby the communists on the Gresham-Barlow School Board now not only oversee a communist school system, but want it to display the BLM flag, which was founded by avowed Marxists.

‘The district shall obtain and display a U.S. flag, a progressive pride flag or poster and a Black Lives Matter flag or poster of an appropriate size for each classroom,’ the policy reads.

Because nothing says “inclusiveness” better than forcibly taking tax money to pay for said expressions of “inclusiveness” and then forcing kids to see those markers every day.

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That’s very open-minded of the “compassion police.”

Robyn Stowers, one of the more progressive — communistic — school board members, insisted the board require all three flags to be the same size.

That’s right, “the same size.”

Regardless of one’s opinion about what should be what size, the larger problem of people arguing over the sizes of flags or posters on display in public schools, and its equally potent argument over Marxism and sexual orientation being displayed as official policy in a tax-funded institution are all sub-problems to the larger issue of the unethical and immoral nature of public schools and how the imposition of such a system pits people against each other.

If this were a private school system, parents and potential donors would have the power to choose what they thought was appropriate or inappropriate. They could decide whether the signal calls of “white guilt” and “openness” to “the rainbow” of sexuality were important themes they wanted a school to explore.

But in a taxpayer-funded system, everyone is trapped unless they flee the area, and the larger the area of control, the harder it is to escape.

So, perhaps Ms. Stowers and the others who are pushing this at the Gresham-Barlow School Board actually have offered a huge lesson.

It remains to be seen whether this policy change will be instituted, but, without realizing it, the promoters are teaching people how unworkable and immoral a tax-funded, Marxist education system really is, and they are bringing more attention to the BLM flag matter about which Nick Kangadis wrote on May 27– that being the stellar idea that US embassies could fly the Marxist BLM flags.

Important lessons, all, when coming to an understanding of collectivism and what government really is.