Elise Ehrhard | February 13, 2022
This year's Super Bowl halftime show was a late nineties/early aughts throwback featuring a number of rappers whose biggest musical hits are twenty…
Nick Kangadis | January 17, 2020
You know how know when a celebrity has been a celebrity too long? When they lose their edge and begin sounding like their predecessors who sounded…
Bryan Michalek | November 15, 2017
During the annual MTV European Music Awards show, hip-hop icon Eminem had a busy night between performing his newly released rap ballad 'Walk on…
Mark Judge | October 11, 2017
Hey look, another celebrity has launched a tirade against President Trump. Today’s spastic is rapper Eminem, 44, who during the BET Awards Tuesday…
Eric Scheiner | November 12, 2014
Jpoor | June 8, 2010
Clip from Eminem - Not Afraid