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WashPost and MSNBC: Franken Resigning Is Bad ‘For Women’ and ‘Justice’


Clearly inspired by veteran NBC journalist Tom Brokaw’s sermon warning of the dangers of “rushing to judgement” on the over half-dozen different charges of sexual harassment against Democratic Senator Al Franken, both Andrea Mitchell and Washington Post Deputy Editorial Page Editor Ruth Marcus rode to the rescue to back him up.

For her part, Marcus was particularly saddened by the news that Franken will resign soon as a result of the allegations against him. She made the case to Mitchell and her viewers that the Minnesota Senator’s departure from the Senate would be not be a victory for either “women” or “justice” given that Franken was afforded less due process than a “dope-peddler.” Mitchell chipped in by lamenting how “a potential 2020 candidate” had been felled in “the prime of his political life.”

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