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Noah Praises Spike Lee's Anti-Trump Acceptance Speech, Mocks Mike Pence


In his opening monologue on The Daily Show Monday night, host Trevor Noah praised Director Spike Lee for his anti-Trump acceptance speech at the Oscars.  After describing Lee as "the night's big winner," Noah mocked President Trump for his tweet criticizing Lee.  Noah also suggested that President Trump would have taken issue with the title of Lee's movie "BlacKkKlansman," claiming that the President would have preferred it to be called "Black Very Fine People on Both Sides." Noah made sure to mock Vice President Mike Pence when talking about his trip to Colombia to address the situation in Venezuela.  Noah asked "whose idea was it to send Mike Pence to solve the crisis in Venezuela? Like, is the plan just to bore Maduro out of power?" Noah also claimed "it's a little risky to send Mike Pence to South America," asking "what if he accidentally eats spicy food?"  According to Noah, "If he has too much salt, he needs to gargle with...holy water for an hour. Also, by the way, I feel like Mike Pence gargles with his mouth closed because he doesn't want to seem gay." 

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