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Nets Spend 6 Min. Gawking at Kanye With Trump, 27 Sec. on Why


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Rapper Kanye West and hall of fame football star Jim Brown met with President Trump on Thursday to discuss criminal justice reform and to convince him that stop and frisk was a terrible policy. Kayne being Kayne, he stole the spotlight as he told the President how much he appreciated him, as well as other topics. Of course, during their evening programs, the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) put a hyper-focus on Kayne and all but ignored why they were there.

Combined, the broadcast networks spent 5 minutes and 59 seconds on Kanye’s visit to the White House (ABC = 1 minute 58 seconds; CBS = 2 minutes 4 seconds; NBC = 1 minute 57 seconds). But when it came to the policy proposals Kanye and Brown were there to promote, the nets punted with a total of 27 seconds. CBS Evening News had the most with 21 seconds.

On NBC Nightly News, White House correspondent Peter Alexander passingly mentioned that Kanye received “a Presidential invitation intended to focus on social issues with a superstar ambassador.” That fleeting mention lasted all of 6 seconds and with absolutely zero detail.

Meanwhile on ABC’s World News Tonight, they never mentioned why Kanye was there but chief White House correspondent Jon Karl, who got a hug from the rapper, commented on how “the meeting, capped a frenetic 24-hours for the president that included a bill signing with Kid Rock and a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania.”


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