As Nets Cover-Up Border Crisis, Fox Shows How They’re Getting in


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Fox News Channel continued to be the primary TV news outlet that was keeping its viewers informed on the ongoing border security crisis as the liberal broadcast networks had packed up and gone home to New York and Washington, D.C. And during Thursday’s Special Report, correspondent Bill Melugin was on the ground in Rio Grande Valley, Texas showing off the tools illegal immigrants used to sneak into the country and the measures Texas authorities had to employ to stop them.

In his live shot at the end of the segment, Melugin held up a makeshift rope ladder illegal immigrants had left behind on the border levee wall:

Take a look. This is how they did it. They left this behind. They made this makeshift hook and ladder system made out of rope and PVC pipe. Look, there’s a ring on it. What they do is, they put a long stick or pipe in it they use it to lift it up raise it, raise it, raise it, clip onto the levee wall, it hooks on, it laches, and they just climb right on up. One of the many ways they’re able to get across.


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